Photography Andrea York

About Patti Castagne

I've been excited about photography forever.  My Uncle Maurice was a photographer  and gave  me an image of a winter scene using a fish eye lens.  It always intrigued me how he captured the image and just how beautiful  the image was.  I can still see the image today in my mind.  Amazing.  

I didn't think I had the talent to be a photographer, so many things to know, the least being  to not tangle myself in the film. I am a genius in other areas.  But being so left brain for so long I didn't have a vision for it yet.  

Life being life provided lessons that warranted the opening of the right side of my brain and photography was something I could finally embrace.  What photography provides to me is the ability to be in the moment.  What is right in front of me, how can it be captured.  There is a rhythm to my photography and I can usually be humming as I walk through the woods of Quabbin or any blissful moment of capture.  I have to photograph.  It's like breathing to me.